Secret Lives Of College Students: Anonymous Posts Shared By Whisper Users

The Secret Lives Of College Students

This is the first post in our new "secrets" series with Whisper, an anonymous social sharing website.

No matter how many college guidebooks you read or campuses you visit, it's hard to really know what college life is like until you're there. In fact, even as a high school senior, beyond talking to your guidance counselor, packing your bags with everything you might need for your dorm, and watching old episodes of "Greek," there's not much you can do in those final few weeks to make your future campus experience feel like less of a mystery.

This could help, though: we rounded up 10 secret, anonymous confessions from college students about living on their own. Click through the slideshow below to read what they have to say, and tell us: what's your school-related "secret?" Share your stories in the comment below, tweet @HuffPostTeen, or head over to Whisper.

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The Secret Lives Of College Students

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