How Horse Owners Spend Their Excess Cash On 'Secret Lives Of The Super Rich'

The Belmont Stakes, the third part of horse racing's Triple Crown, takes place Saturday in Elmont, New York.

The horses will be working hard, but their owners will be playing just as hard in very lavish style.

According to an episode of "Secrets Lives Of The Super Rich" airing Thursday night on CNBC, a horse owner might spend thousands of dollars to transport a prize thoroughbred on "Air Horse One."

But the pre- and post-race parties at the Belmont Stakes will have to go a long way to beat the opulence seen at last month's Hermitage Grand Gala Derby Eve party held the night before the Kentucky Derby.

Guests at that shindig ate a ham that sold for $2 million at auction last year.

At the actual Derby, fat cats drank mint juleps in gold-plated cups served on pure silver trays.

Check out the video for more conspicuous consumption.