Secret Rove Memo!

Secret Rove Memo!
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From: ArchitectTo: POTUSRe: Daily Brief 07/19/06

OK so those bleeding heart liberals made it impossible for us to charge those American tourists for their transportation home. Typical. They go on vacation to some dumb-ass foreign country. (Nothing more un-American IMO.) They call for the US cavalry to rescue them then gripe about having to pay their fair share! Jeez we're putting them on cruise ships! What more do they want?! They all had to register with the Embassy in Beruit so we have all the names and we're checking up on the political registration of all evacuees. Any gripes and we'll trash the trouble-makers.

Your position: It was congress who tied our hands. We were just "observing the law." Then you as a Compassionate Conservative exercised your usual compassion and over-rode congress. Perfect! Snowman planted that seed yesterday and will push it further.

Next Week: We're setting up a meet 'n' greet for you with a few selected evacuees who we will have carefully screened. They will praise your support and leadership. You will do the usual. Praise their "courage" and US military excellence etc etc.

Other: No more support for Sununu. He's finally gone too far. Calls himself a Republican and he keeps turning on us. He was all over TV yesterday moaning about us charging. He turns out to be as flaky as his dad. You remember him - the fat dude who screwed up for your Poppy.

Here's a list of some of the areas he's betrayed you:

• Voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment • Voted to require child safety locks with the transfer of handguns• Opposes restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba• Voted in favor of banning loans to China for any nuclear projects• Voted against EPA recommendations on Clean Air Act• Voted against our prescription drug bill • Filibustered Patriot Act renewal

He's getting to be as bad as Jeffords. Bob Smith was a breeze compared to him. We're doing some "digging." Just give me the word and he's toast...


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