Secret Service Sex Scandal Planned In Advance: Report


New details have emerged in the prostitution scandal that has forced three Secret Service agents out and embarrassed President Obama.

The Secret Service officials who were caught with prostitutes at a Cartagena, Colombia, brothel did some advance planning, according to an exclusive ABC News report. The men reportedly reserved space at the Hotel Caribe before they headed out to the Pley Club brothel, then brought about 20 escorts back from various clubs around town. The police were called the next morning when an argument erupted over how much one of the women was owed for spending the night.

Wednesday the New York Times published comments from the woman who felt she was underpaid for her services at the hotel. The 24-year-old single mother, who did not give her name, said that a Secret Service official agreed to give her a gift of $800 for the night then ended up offering only $30. She came upon a police officer in the hotel's hallway in the morning as she was leaving to go home.

A similar dispute over money interrupted the previous night's festivities at the Pley Club. Secret service agents reportedly bragged inside the brothel about working for Obama, enlisted the services of prostitutes and became belligerent when the bill arrived. Cops were called to contain the scuffle, which spilled out onto the street.

The Secret Service forced out three agents involved in the scandal on Wednesday, and eight more remain on administrative leave.

"These are the first steps," said Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. He added, "It's certainly not over."

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