Secret Society -- Real Enemies -- Real Interesting


Darcy Argues', Secret Society is not just rich in contextual sound, but sublime, because it can't help seep through the cracks with passion to make its point. One can hear big band, experimental, jazz, and cinematic majestic phrasing, acutely adjusted to its story telling. REAL ENEMIES by Darcy Argue, Isaac Butler, and Peter Nigrini, reminded me of an old thriller from the 60's, with its myriad great horns and it's sexy electric piano and drums electrifying the room, while cinematic bits on the screen flashed images in thematic disorder, of conspiracy theory craziness. The audience's eyes focused attentively on screens set up in a puzzle like formation. Faces we all know, popped up on multiple screens, while we searched our minds for each memory of historic consequence. From McCarthyism to present day Middle Eastern Madness ala Bush ll. Dressed in fedora and cool looking duds, Argue is a fabulous conductor to watch, precise, articulate and totally eccentric in the best sense. Secret Society, an 18 piece orchestra of expert musicians totally bliss-ed out the audience at BAM this past weekend.