Secrets From Inside Celebrity Closets

This week marks the launch of Tradesy's Celebrity Closets for a Cause sale event, featuring fashion you can buy straight from the closets of stars like Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Connie Britton (Nashville, Friday Night Lights), Tori Spelling, Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men), Emily Deschanel, and dozens more.

After getting an exclusive peek into some of the most fabulous closets in Hollywood, it's time to share a myriad of style secrets straight from these A-list celebrities and their stylists. From Patti Stanger's divalicious closet full of man-catching clothing, to Whitney Cummings's relaxed high-low chic, to Tori Spelling's maternity magic, these stars have mastered the art of looking great every day. Their tips will help you dress like a red carpet-prowling diva -- no matter what your budget.

1. Stars: They're Just Like Us! (Except They Know This Trick) Celebs really are just like us -- they have problem areas to cleverly disguise, outfits that are "hits" and "misses," and discover their kids' fingerprints on the hem of a favorite dress when they're on the way to dinner. But since they're used to being scrutinized, many do something that most of us never think of: They snap a "selfie" before leaving the house to assess their outfit. A photo will reveal things about your look that a mirror won't when it comes to proportion and fit. So embrace your figure challenges and your imperfect closet -- we've all a bit of chaos happening behind the scenes! Just remember to take that pic so you can see yourself the way the rest of the world will, and accentuate the positive before you step out the door.

2. Patti Stanger is in Love...With Her Tailor! After dropping 30 pounds using the Sensa Weight Loss System, Patti looks incredible. But when I spent an afternoon in the Millionaire Matchmaker's closet, I learned the real secret to her fabulous style: she gets by with a little help from a great tailor! Patti's seamstress is a Hollywood legend who caters to some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, but you can get the same fabulous shape with a trip to your own local tailor -- no need to spend a fortune on designer frocks! Patti's dresses and blazers are nipped in at the waist and lightly padded at the shoulders, enhancing the hourglass shape that the dating expert says will make you a "mancatcher". Patti also recommends wearing lots of gold and jewel tones to catch the eye of any guy.

3. Tori Spelling Doesn't Do "Maternity" Tori is one of the most beloved and stylish working moms in Hollywood. So how does this busy superwoman always manage to look chic? With a wardrobe full of comfy dresses that transition beautifully from pregnancy through baby weight fluctuations -- and most of them aren't technically "maternitywear"! Instead, Tori chooses dresses in regular sizes that feature elastic waistbands, flowy fabrics, and are day-to-night appropriate. Her wardrobe is perfect for a body in flux, and for a mom on the go. Dress like Tori to manage the major changes in your life with major style.

4. Ali Fedotowsky Keeps it Classic As the host of NBC's Emmy-winning First Look lifestyle and travel show, Ali is like most of us -- busy, busy, busy! And when you're always getting dressed in a hurry, it's easy to make a fashion faux-pas. That's why Ali keeps it simple by sticking with classic, tailored outfits that project an easy confidence. Some gals (bless them!) love to experiment with fashion and follow the latest trends, but for most of us, our goal is to simply look our best every day. So avoid taking big fashion risks or falling for the latest fad, and keep it simple like Ali, who always looks put-together no matter where her busy life takes her. A few well-cut blazers, some great denim, and a classic little black dress will help you take your style for miles like Ms. Fedotowsky.

5. Emily Deschanel Doesn't Need to Splurge Bones star Emily Deschanel is a master of sophisticated style, expertly pairing fast fashion from H&M and Zara with a few key designer pieces to look chic without being wasteful. As an animal rights activist, Emily is known for being one of the most down-to-earth and compassionate celebrities in Hollywood, and her wardrobe is a reflection of her unaffected attitude. Emily stocks up on affordable basics that are easy to wear, and invests where it counts: in great shoes, bags, and special dresses for big occasions. Emily's style secrets prove that you don't need a celebrity budget to dress like a star every day.

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