'Secrets Of Aspen' Has Resort Town's Residents Fuming (VIDEO)


"Jersey Shore" isn't the only reality show stirring up controversy this season. VH1's new series, "Secrets of Aspen," depicts the cutthroat world of Aspen's rich elite in all its gratuitous drama and promiscuity. The show's portrayal of Aspen as a haven for spoiled drama queens has some of the town's residents on the defensive.

The series has prompted the creation of a Facebook page aimed at dispelling the notion that the cast of "Secrets of Aspen" represent "real Aspen people." The group has nearly 2,500 members.

Aspen residents have even taken their anger out on city officials for granting High Noon Entertainment--the show's production company-- permits to film in Aspen. The city has defended its decision, stating that it only checks for insurance and legal agreements, not scripts, when granting film permits.

Check out the trailer for the show, which airs Sundays at 10:00 PM EST, and judge for yourself: is this the real Aspen?

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