Secrets of the New Energy Systems Revealed

We live in a time of change in the energy influx of the Earth and because of this we have discovered a few secrets about the energy system that we would like to share with you.
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We live in a time of change in the energy influx of the Earth and because of this we have discovered a few secrets about the energy system that we would like to share with you. We both met at a clairvoyance course where we learned meditation in the traditional sense, using the seven chakra system. Sitting there, closing our eyes trying to focus inwardly, connecting to the root and crown chakra, we both discovered that it didn't really work for us. We of course assumed that something was very wrong with us, since it seamed to work for others. It was not until later that we discovered that there are more than one chakra system and that we didn't have seven chakras at all...

Because the change forges a new quickness in our systems to keep up with the ever-increasing rapidity of the energy flow, it demands new and faster energy structures. If you want to make a faster car, you must replace the engine. But the new engine will not work to its optimum power until the other parts are streamlined. This also applies to our energy body. That is why we are seeing more and more indigo children - three chakra systems - or crystal children - one chakra systems - in the world. The term children is not adequate as it refers to grown ups as well. We would like to rename them indigo people and crystal people. These people are the bearers of the new era and their frequencies. The information on these chakra systems is new and revolutionary, and delving into the information simplifies the understanding of the new times approaching.

Many people who believe they have a seven-chakra system actually do not. Because the indigo and crystal children have such a strong intuition and can sense more than most people, this may frighten people around them. As a result they try to adjust by switching off their highly sensitive systems so they are more like the people in their environment. Do you feel that you create what you want very easily? Do you hear that "You are always so lucky getting what you want." Well then you might just have an energy system of the new times.

As long as I can remember, I have felt different. A lot clicked into place when I took my spiritual side seriously and started living out the spiritual aspects. Still, there was something indefinable missing. Even though I tried to look at and imitate the chakra systems of the people around me, it often intensified my loneliness and the feeling of not being in charge of my own life, even though I seemed fine outwardly. The root chakra and the energy connection from there to the Earth felt heavy. It was not right for me. It was a great relief when I discovered there was more than one chakra system. For the first time of my life, I felt at home in the world and in my own body. I could vibrate within the chakra system that was right for me.

The fact that you have a different chakra system than the people around you does not make you better or worse than others. All chakra systems have the same value. It is, however, important that everybody finds out how their energy is structured. Whether it is a one-chakra system, a three-chakra system, or a seven-chakra system is irrelevant. The most important is that you accept who you are with your unique qualities and your ways of manifesting in your life.

In our next blog we will focus on how the different chakra systems work and how they differ manifesting dreams or ideas. You can read more about the different chakra systems in our book, The Spiritual Password, released January 6th 2014 by Hay House Publishing:

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