The 3 Secrets To Being Really Good In Bed


Tune Out/Turn Off:
Stop thinking about car pool schedules, vacuuming, grocery shopping lists,
birthday party favors, your cell phone plan, coordinating your mother's doctor visits and your father's meds.
Shut down your to-do list.
Stop deciding what you are making for dinner.
Don't think about Saturday night plans with your friends.
Cease checking your e personal email. Your work email. And our kid's email.
Deflect thoughts of workplace deadlines, co-worker tiffs, performance reviews, pay raises or lack thereof.
Forget about sorting the socks, unloading the dryer and accessing Twitter, Facebook and your text messages just one more time.
Cut off all thoughts of what programs you will next be binge watching.
Stop ruminating over your kids' choices of colleges, careers, dating patterns, dating partners, and why they call so seldom.
Delete any thoughts of your upcoming colonoscopy and your partner's unpleasant gastric upsets.

Tune In:
Think about what music brings on the mood for both you and your partner. Turn it on.
Think about what drinks relax you both, while still keeping you participatory. Pour a few.
Think about what aromas induce blissful thoughts. Light those candles.
Think about what little chocolate treat arouses and tickles taste buds and erotic zones. Unwrap those suckers.
Be open to what works for your partner.
Be aware of what works for you.
And if you are two consenting adults, explore what's out there -- from sexy get-ups to erotic films to sex paraphernalia

Show Up:
Walk into your bedroom.
Shut the door.
Lock the door.
Lower the lights.
Close the drapes.
Turn down the covers.
And climb into bed
with an open mind,
an open heart,
and open legs.
And, honey, the rest will take care of itself.

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