Centenarians Reveal The Secrets To Living A Long Life

The Secrets To Living A Long Life

Looking for the answers to life's questions? Well who better to ask than those who've lived longest.

"Fox and Friends" interviewed a handful of people who have aged gracefully beyond 100 and asked them for their words of wisdom.

"You don't have to have money to be rich. If you've got a family, a wonderful family that you love and they they love you, then you're rich," said Loren Cartwright, 100.

Cartwright was among over 100 centenarians interviewed for a new book entitled, "Celebrate 100," which shares morsels of wisdom from the much wiser elders. The U.S. population of centenarians has already topped 70,000 in recent years. And get this -- the oldest person to ever live reached the age of 122!

The centenarians doled out no-nonsense advice on everything from investments to real estate to aging gracefully. A word from the wise? Lay off the booze. Watch the video above for more secrets of the wise.

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