Secrets Women Keep From Men

If you are a man and get confused by women at times then you will probably want to sit down and read this.
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As a woman and a clinical psychologist I have lots of access to how women really feel about men. Not only that but I am willing to tell you what women really mean when they say one thing and mean yet another. If you are a man and get confused by women at times then you will probably want to sit down and read this. You will learn some secrets that may help you earn some points with the female that you love. Hey, we can't just have men sitting there scratching their heads all the time, right?

Okay, Let's get started:

1. A woman tells you that she needs space. Your inclination is to back off and give her just that. BIG MISTAKE. She doesn't want space. She wants understanding. The problem is that she wants you to figure that out on your own and you are not a mind reader. That's where I come in. I'm letting you in on a secret. If a woman says that she needs space by all means do not get in your car and drive away for two hours. You are likely to get a hearty helping of silence when you return. If, on the other hand, your girlfriend, wife, etc. says that she needs a little time for a specific activity then that is a different ball of wax. She may just want you to know that she has something to do and you would do well to assume that she means what she says.

2. You are getting very chummy with a woman at work and your main woman says that it doesn't bother her. Hold on, buddy. It may not bother her yet but I can guarantee that it will eventually become a problem. I have heard about these "work wives" way too often and if you want a happy partner be careful that you are not getting too close to a woman at work.

3. A woman tells you that she doesn't mind if you talk to her about previous women in your life. You take her at her word and begin spilling. Before you know it she turns pale and looks like she is about to wilt. This wasn't such a good idea now; was it? Well let me tell you something and listen very carefully. Despite what a woman says there is not a single woman who I have ever met who wants to hear about your intimate relationships with other women. And if your current partner doesn't seem to mind then she is probably losing interest in you. I would worry if a woman was really fine if she didn't mind hearing your stories about other women. You are probably about to get the pink slip.

4. I sure hope that you know this one already. In case you don't though, you never answer the question "Do I look fat in this?" in any way other than "You look great." A woman always knows how she looks. There is absolutely no possibility that she wants your honest opinion. Go ahead and tell her that she's put on a few pounds. You'll see where that gets you. My guess is that you will end up in the proverbial dog house.


5. If you are dating a woman with children and she asks you early on what you think of her kids do not assume that she wants a detailed and honest answer about what you think of them. What she wants is a nod to the fact that she is a good mother. If you don't think she is a good mother then I have to wonder why you would want to be in a relationship with her unless you have rescue fantasies. Perhaps you might want to think about this.

I will be back to you with more secrets that women keep but first I will be awaiting feedback from men and women in relationships everywhere.

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