Judge Roy Moore: Secularism Leads to Sharia Law

To many he is known as the "Ten Commandments" judge who was removed from office when he refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments he placed in the Alabama Supreme Court. courthouse. Now Judge Roy Moore is making news again for stating that secular governments enable Sharia law.

On a talk show with Steve Deace, Moore warned audiences last week that secular government made room for "Sharia law and the allowance of religious practices for other groups but not Christians," as reported by Right Wing Watch.

Moore went on to tell Steve Deace that “a government that is denying God” allows Sharia law to take its place. He also criticized teaching evolution in schools and President Obama's support of same-sex marriage.

"Free argument and debate will always come out on the side of truth. So if you cut off free argument of debate then error survives and becomes dangerous. You see that in our schools with the teaching of evolution. That is exactly what has gone all the way up to the highest level of our government. The President of the United States talks about his evolving standards, well, when you got evolving standards you don’t have any standards at all to begin with because truth is fixed, when your standard is truth it is not going to change but we see it changing seemingly with our government."

As reported by The Raw Story, Moore has been gaining momentum on the GOP front and seems to be a likely candidate for chief justice.