Seduce Me (VIDEO): Isabella Rossellini Takes On The Spawn Of Green Porno

Seduce Me (VIDEO): Isabella Rossellini Takes On The Spawn Of Green Porno

If you ever caught Sundance Channel's Green Porno, a series of short films in which Isabella Rossellini enacts insect sexual behavior, you'll know what you're in for with Seduce Me: The Spawn of Green Porno, a five-episode online series that premiered its first season Tuesday. And that is a delightfully bizarre exploration of animal courtship, seduction rather, all with Isabella Rossellini's writing, actiing, directing, producing, and phenomenal voice guiding the show.

Green Porno's playfulness, combined with Rossellini's delivery of phrases like "six-foot long erection," make it easy to understand why a show on animal biology was able to gain such a strong cult following. And things should be no different with Seduce Me.

In this behind-the-scenes look, Rossellini explains her reasons for doing a sex-crazed animal show.

"Do I do this because I have a sexual obsession, do I do this because I have to learn how to behave sexually?" Rossellini says. "I don't do it for that at all. I always wanted to make films about animals-- there's not an enormous audience, but there's an enormous audience for sex."

Rossellini begins each episode being seduced in an odd way. For example, a hand emerges from nowhere to grope her face. She is unaware of what's going on, since each animal has its own, strange seduction technique, until it dawns on her and she delivers a line that serves as the introduction for each episode.

In this episode she exclaims, "What are we, cuttlefish?!"

WATCH Rossellini discover the cuttlefish's sneaky sexual antics in trying to seduce a mate in this full episode:

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