See Climate Change Through this Lens

Photographers capture beauty and the wonder of our natural world. My childhood friend, Eric Sambol, is now a world class photographer. I once asked him if he could see evidence of climate change first hand. He is documenting the change our planet is struggling to absorb. Please read his moving essay in Conservation Journal.

“The polar bears’ primary food source is seal. They are most effective hunters from the ice. Typically, polar bears will grab seals as they come up through breathing holes in the ice. Without the ice, the bears starve. It’s as simple as that. During the warmer months, there is some minimal scavenging, but essentially the bears need to survive without food for four to five months each year. Here is where climate change comes into play and why polar bears have become such iconic symbols and bellwethers of this so-called controversial issue.” - Eric Sambol
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