'See No Evil': UK's Largest Street Art Project In Bristol, England (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

As the hometown of both Damien Hirst and Banksy, Bristol is an English city known for the odd and artsy. Over the last few days, Bristol's Nelson Street has been given a new look by over 70 graffiti artists from around the globe.

The works have been created in collaboration with "See No Evil," which is claimed to be the UK's largest permanent street art project. Artists include Tats Cru and El Mac and was organized by Inkie, Team Love and Weapon of Choice with the support of Bristol City Council and Nelson Street's building owners. The project kicked off over the weekend with a NYC style block party.

In addition to the success of the initial party, organizers hope the project will become a major tourist attraction, hoping to revive the level of interest seen two years ago with the extraordinarily popular Banksy exhibition at the Bristol City Museum.

Check out video and photos of the project in the slideshow below.

'See No Evil': UK's Largest Street Art Project

All photos courtesy of Matt Cardy for Getty Images.