Hey, Rosemary, We Found Your Baby!

The little antichrist apparently wears pajamas and can balance on a crib rail.

Someone might want to check this little Damien for a 6-6-6 somewhere on his body. 

A toddler on a surveillance cam appears to balance on the crib rail like the best gymnast ever and screams for mommy with eyes aglow.

Is the kid "possessed," as the headline screams in the viral YouTube video? Is he just really acrobatic and emotional? Or is the lad and his co-conspirators pranking us in some viral promotional stunt?

So, so many questions abound and the internet has been trying to figure out the mystery by the millions since the clip was posted.

But if "Inside Edition" is to be believed, we're all Friedkin out. Connor's parents, Chuck and Kate Booth, appeared on the show with the boy to dispel the demon theory -- on April Fools' Day no less.

Mom and Dad told the program the video is real, the kid isn't possessed, and his eyes are glowing from the night-vision.

Well, OK. But in the words of Dana Carvey's Church Lady, we still want to ask, "Could it be ....