Why It Would Actually Make Sense For Shailene Woodley To Be In The 'O.C.' Musical

California here she comes?

"The O.C." may have ended back in 2007, but its cultural significance will never die! 

We found out at the end of last month that a musical version of the show will run for one night in Los Angeles on Aug. 30. This leads us to the little wish we'd now like to voice: that "Divergent" actress and all around mega-star Shailene Woodley make a cameo appearance.

Why and how would this ever possibly come to be?

To start, Shailene Woodley appeared on the show in her youth. Woodley played Kaitlin, the younger sister of Mischa Barton's character Marissa, in the early days of the series. Here's footage of Woodley in the pilot episode:


You may not remember her because when the character was reintroduced in Season 3, Willa Holland took over the role. 

"The version of Kaitlin Cooper that we were going to bring back to the show was a little bit older than Shailene would've been able to achieve on her own," show creator Josh Schwartz told The Huffington Post in 2013. "And was kind of a very different character, which Willa was great for. But obviously, Shailene is super talented and it's awesome to see her take off."

However, the upcoming musical is said to be focused mainly on the events of the pilot, an episode which -- are you following us here -- Woodley appeared in. So a cameo would actually, like, fit the timeline!

Obviously this is 99 percent (...100 percent?) a dream. Woodley is a very busy star and also we have no control over the creative direction of the show. (This is our fantasy! Not something the people putting on the musical have expressed any interest in having happen!) All we're saying is, in our opinion, it would really put the celeb dazzle cherry on top of what's already going to be a very fulfilling evening.

Even without Woodley, though, the show boasts star power in its core cast, with "Pretty Little Liars" actor Brendan Robinson playing Seth Cohen and "Awkward" star Greer Grammer playing Summer. Very, very exciting casting.

California, here we (all, metaphorically) come! 


"The O.C."