What Does Your Aura Say About you?

Abundance comes from what inspires you. You can put your faith into the universe and God, which has unlimited abundance.
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I know I told you I was over astrologers, but I never said anything about clairvoyant healers. A friend of mine raved about Tori Quisling, so I had to meet her. Her readings supposedly guide and empower. What's the harm in that?

I figured she could teach me a few spiritual lessons, or at least explain what the heck an aura is. We met at the posh Cooper Hotel and sat outdoors, trying to find peace among nature ... or the next best city option: high-end wooden outdoor furniture.

The first thing Tori tells me is that she sees green energy all around me. In my mind, green means money, so I got excited. Alas, she explains, green means growth. In Tori's words, living on the path is my path. Oh Lord, just call me Dorothy! She continued with her vision, telling me she saw me in a quaint white beach house with my guy, eating breakfast and publishing some kind of magazine from home. Now she's talking.

Tori left her job as a teacher three years ago and makes a pretty nice living giving readings and teaching classes. She explains, "Abundance comes from what inspires you. You can put your faith into the people hiring you to keep creating your abundance. Or you can put it into the universe and God, which has unlimited abundance. There's limited abundance in someone else's model, or in the system that's always breaking apart."

Here are some ways Tori recommends tapping into your own plentiful path:

Turn Down Your Analyzer
Tori calls that negative, judgmental voice in your head "The Analyzer." It whispers, "It just can't be done ..." and adds for good measure, "... not in this economy! And not by you!" It spreads messages of doubt, fear and unworthiness whenever an inspired thought pops up. It's like a high school bully or your ever-loving nagging mother.

Turn down that voice a few notches whenever it creeps into your brain. Your analyzer is fueled by your imagination, and is nothing more than a cold-hearted liar. It's merely a defense mechanism created to protect us way back when we were in survival mode. But now, we're beyond survival and all about evolving. Thank goodness. The caveman look is so not my type.

Find Amusement Where You Are
Laughing and feeling amused is one of the best spiritual tools, Tori tells me. Nothing can control you when you're happy. Remember that when life throws you mud balls just smile, laugh and don't take anything too seriously. Chances are, it's not that serious.

As Tori makes clear, "All seriousness is an illusion that you have to figure it all out. You don't." Being open and amused will naturally lead you to your next idea, job or mate. And if you're not feeling your funny bone, grin 'til you do.

Practice Gratitude
When you're grateful for everything you have -- big and small -- you accept your awesome life as it is. This joy opens you up to the synchronicity in life, and helps you to live in the moment where messages appear in their simplest forms. You'll begin to notice and appreciate random helpful support from a colleague or even a beautiful plant whose blooms make you smile. Be aware and conscious, so you recognize that you're supported and expanding. Our spirits are constantly in the future, dreaming of our wishes for tomorrow. But being grateful gets you here and now!

Visualize It
Imagination is your most powerful tool; everything that exists was once imagined. Visualize the end when you begin a project or start a meeting. Much like an architect crafts a mock-up of a proposed building, imagine your finished venture with you in it. Picture yourself receiving compliments, smiling and getting the rewards. When you've already seen the end as a success - if only in your mind - you proceed with certainty and energy. Any worries, doubts or fears fade away.

I don't know how she did it, but Tori's mini reading with me was right on. She knew things about me and my relationships no one could have told her. She couldn't have checked my garbage, although she could have read my blog. Hmmm ... Either way, she got me excited about that beach house.

And in case you're wondering, an aura is energy in the form of colors that reveal the person's universe and motivations. It's filled with hopes, dreams, inspirations, expectations, conversations and fears. So if you notice my eyes darting around you as we speak, let's just say ... I'm getting to know you better.

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