See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Sending out our congratulations!

Our readers who tied the knot this weekend spread lots of love and cheer with their holiday weddings.

See some gorgeous shots from their celebrations below:

"Alexander's reaction to seeing Christina for the first time on their wedding day is one of the best ever." - Rachael Schirano
"Rory and Genessa tied the knot in front of friends and family in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, California." - Genessa Schmidt
"Bride and groom portraits on the palace rooftop. A moment alone." - Bethany Carlson
"Just loved the look on Kristin's face when she saw Craig for the first time!" - Ann and Kam
"Love how this ​bride and ​groom ​embrace after their 'I do!' Congrats, Keyarnder and Murrell​!" - Marie Kubin
"A gorgeous winter wedding this past weekend where the bride was a figure skater and the groom was a hockey player. They decided to do a first skate instead of a first dance." - Amanda Kopcic
"Jon and Kristen got married at the Historic Southern Railway Station in Knoxville, Tennessee." - David Britnell
"€œKala and Danny have a second kiss in the seats of the Meroney Theater in Salisbury, North Carolina where they were married just minutes before." - Hooman Bahrani
"Chemistry like no other." - John Pesina
"Congrats, Marie and Frantz!" - Mike Rice

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos #HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

For photos from other real weddings in 2015, check out the slideshow below:

Real Weddings of the Week 2015