See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Congratulations to all!

Winter storm Jonas, which dropped several feet of a snow across many parts of the East Coast, certainly put a damper on wedding plans this weekend.

Still, some of our readers across the country found a way to make the most of the weather. Check out some lovely photos from their big days below:

"Mark and Corey Messervy in Washington D.C. on January 22." - William Messervy
"Hani and Paul eloped in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 21." - Tonya Russ Price
"The sunset this evening was AMAZING. Swooning over the photos from an intimate wedding at @cornmanfarms." - Lola Grace
"A San Francisco wedding." - Dee R.
"Sometimes you only trust the best when it comes to the safety and security of your wedding rings." - Kara Abbey
"Mahum, you planned your wedding impeccably!" - Maha Studios
"Kirk's reaction to seeing his bride Kim for the first time was so adorable!" - Missy Fant
"Eric and Renee Rogers were married at The Caribbean Resort in Islamorada, Florida. The rain stopped just in time to capture this waterspout over the ocean!" - Adam Opris
"Zachary and Lauren spend a little time in the historic Crumpacker Family Library of the Portland Art Museum, prior to their wedding on Sunday, January 17" - Jonathan House

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos #HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

For photos from other real weddings in 2015, check out the slideshow below:

Real Weddings of the Week 2015

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