Seeing-Eye Goat Makes Sure His Blind 'Soulmate' Is Never Alone

Marcia + Maurice forever.

Being a blind goat isn’t so baaaaaaaad when you have a good buddy to show you around.

Marcia was born blind at a goat meat farm in the spring of 2015, and the farm owner wasn’t interested in caring for a special-needs animal. However, a neighbor contacted Farm Sanctuary -- an animal advocacy group that provides homes for unwanted or abused farm animals -- and the organization was able to give Marcia a place to romp and roam at its location in Orland, California.

But Marcia’s disability meant that she was often anxious and frightened when left alone, according to a Farm Sanctuary blog post. And it just wasn’t realistic for a human caretaker to be with her 24 hours a day. That’s why staff was so excited in July when they rescued Maurice, a kid they suspected would be the perfect pal for Marcia.

They were right. The two immediately started bleating and running towards each other and are now inseparable, with Maurice helping Marcia get around and functioning as her “seeing-eye goat.” The video above shows how deep the bond is between the two playful critters, who Farm Sanctuary staff call "soulmates."

When given the chance, animals will often help out their blind friends. In August, a sweet gray kitten named Blinkin’ and his “guide cat,” an older black feline named Hefty, won the hearts of the Internet after being photographed at a South Carolina animal shelter (they have since been adopted together). And a Michigan dog who lost both her eyes in 2014 was as happy as ever thanks to the help of her two brothers, who guided her around and stood on either side of her to make sure she didn’t bump into anything.

Sometimes, animal compassion transcends interspecies boundaries, as in the case of Pudditat, a stray cat who developed a deep friendship with a blind farm dog, giving the canine the confidence to leave the comfort of his bed.



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