Seeing Ourselves: The Science and Art of Diagnostic Medical Imaging (PHOTOS)

The Art Of Medical Imaging

The exhibition "Seeing Ourselves: The Science and Art of Diagnostic Medical Imaging" shows that art and science are two means of making images. The collection features medical imaging modalities and contemporary artworks that, oftentimes, don't look all that different.

The show is curated by physicians Koan Jeff Baysa and Caitlin Hardy, who gathered work from 60 international artists all working in a variety of media. The works on display demonstrate the importance of sharing of institutional knowledge while also examining the advantages of viewing this information from an aesthetic standpoint.

Recent technology has brought on huge breakthroughs in medical imaging -- images of the human body created for clinical investigations. These advancements have enhanced our knowledge of our physical selves, but it also intensifies our view of ourselves.

The show will combine sculpture, painting, drawing and video with X-ray, MRI, PET, and CAT images. But don't let these abbreviations bore you; in the slideshow below, you'll see an image of the female orgasm as taken from TheVisualMD; it contains swirls of bright colors that look as artfully crafted as any painting.

This rare interdisciplinary exhibition features Suzanne Anker, Deborah Aschheim, Stephen Auger, Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Pejus with Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz, Stefani Bardin and Toby Heys. It will show at MuseCPMI from March 10 through April 14.

Can you tell the science images from the art images? Test yourself below and let us know which images blew your mind!

seeing ourselves

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