Seeing Red: Christmas Gifts Under $25 (With Politics in Mind)

In the spirit of the season we've assembled a group of cute, useful and budget friendly gifts for Christmas -- all the color of what we see when we think of the budget deficit.
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To be truthful, we hate all lists (except, of course, the best seller one). Shopping lists. To-do lists. Top ten lists. The nails on a chalk board worst list of all is the one people share in response to your having seen a new movie or read a new book. You know when they say, "Oh, that's been on my list for ages."

Despite our disdain, we've had lots of fun crafting lists of clever holiday offerings. We've entertained ourselves with a Gifts of Love and Hate list. We've tried to help out others with handmade direct from the maker to you lists.

Today's list is personal. It's about the color we see when we think of the budget deficit, political wastefulness, gridlock and playing politics at the expense of the people. It's time for politicians to speak the truth and for us to be adult enough to listen without punishing them.

So, in the spirit of the season we've assembled a group of cute, useful and budget friendly (all under $25 bucks) red gifts for Christmas. There is something for everyone: Blinders, earbuds and a muzzle, for those that dance and speak without the facts. A wake-up call, bank and bags because it's time to trim the fat and save. Ever hopeful, we've included a sweet crutch to encourage civil discourse. And, since we all need take individual responsibility, an emergency kit for every family.

See No Evil


Hear No Evil


Say No Evil


Wake-Up! Time is Running Out





Sweet and Civil Discourse


Emergency Preparedness


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