Seeing Red


Seeing Red by Matt Coch. Read the full article at Grryo

It is a well known fact that color can affect us subconsciously. Colors can affect our emotions, perceptions, and behavior. Whether we realize it or not, we all have associations with color. Some of these associations are:

Green: Nature, Environment, Luck, Jealousy

Blue: Peace, Tranquility, Loyalty

Yellow: Joy, Happiness, Cowardice

Black: Power, Mystery, Sophistication, Death, Grief


Of all the colors, I think the color red is the most arresting and eye catching of them all. Red is often associated with danger, heat, romance, bravery and even aggression, to name a few. The following are some interesting facts about the color red.

The color red can stimulate the appetite and increase the craving for food. This is why many restaurants are often adorned with the color.


It is attention grabbing, demanding you to take notice. This is the reason it's used for danger signs, stop signs, fire equipment and street lights. Red is also the most popular color used in flags around the world. 77% of all nation's flags contain red.Red is an emotionally intense color. It increases respiration rates and raises blood pressure.

What does red mean to you? Head to Grryo to read more about the color red and what it means to our psyche.