Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Child

Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Child
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Have you ever noticed at a certain age we stop playing and become more attuned to responsibilities and to things that need to get done?
If you have the chance to watch or be with a child, you will notice the authenticity, vulnerability, laughter, tears and pure joy that they indulge in. Being in the presence of a child you has the ability to be more present: watching their moves, conversations, humor and most of all play.

If we, as adults, can incorporate this child-like behavior into our daily lives: we can learn to live more from the heart. When the heart softens we can then truly feel, connect and smile. Children emotionally connect through play. As we grow we become more analytical and relationships become more challenging. We can often stop feeling after the honeymoon stage and then start to feel disconnected. Being in the analytical mindset suppresses emotional feelings. What makes children day in and day out connect in their relationships?

True experiences together whether they be dancing, ice-skating, singing, hiking or any other passion brings us quality time and moments to remember. Sharing laughter and tears gives us a sense of heart to heart connection. None of us have the perfect relationship. What kids naturally embrace is being in the moment and not having another care in the world when they are engaged. Adults. On the other hand, have a difficult time focusing on the present matter.
There are so many distractions with technology and information overload.

How can we plant seeds to further connect us emotionally?
If we can consider getting to know another person without preconceived notions and judgments, we can make progress to a fuller connection. Sharing thoughts, words and inspiring experiences will only bring you closer together. Understanding one another will allow us to let go and be organically together. Letting go of high expectations will release control and bring freedom.

Enlightenment means lightening up. If we can learn to let go and not want to control all aspects in life, we can then feel freer. Bringing back a sense of play, experience, truly listening and understanding will bring a sense of true heart to heart relationships.

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