Seek Out Your Tribe

After my EKG test a few weeks ago, my doctor walked into the room and pronounced, "You're normal!" "Well that's the first time anyone has told me that," I laughed.

Who Feeds You?
When we're different - visionaries, healers, seekers, pioneers - it's essential for us to be surrounded by people and messages that feed our souls. The world around us, after all, might be functioning in direct contrast to how we want to function, and interacting with it might drain us or cause us self-doubt that derails us from our mission. That's why it's important to be highly selective in who your friends are, who your colleagues are (as much as is within your control), what you read, and what you watch on TV.

Reach Out and Say Hello
To this end, I am shameless in approaching people whose work excites me. In fact, I actively seek them out - typing in keywords that resonate with me, like "heal cancer naturally." When I then come across an individual or company, whose vision and mission make me bounce up and down in my chair, I call or email right away - sharing who I am and what I do, and exploring how we might connect. Sometimes we end up working together; other times we end up becoming friends; and still other times, we end up referring people to each other.

Similarly you can actively seek out your tribe, so that your work is your life is your spiritual nourishment is your work, in a never-ending positive loop. For whose blog platform might you like to write some articles, and why? At whose venue might you like to offer a workshop, and why? With whom might you like to co-present, and why? Reach out to these people or companies. Say hello. Let them know what draws you to their message. Share the pieces of your life that particularly resonate.

Encourage Yourself
Along the way, actively ingest messages that reinforce who you are and what you're up to in the world. On my part, I typically read several books at once, alternating between them as the mood strikes. I'm currently reading two books I'd like to bring to your attention: Unstoppable, by Cynthia Kersey, and Radical Remission, by Kelly Turner PhD. Both share inspirational stories of people who boldly struck out on their own paths and achieved remarkable things in their personal and/or professional lives - defying convention and extracting the "possible" from the "impossible." I highly recommend reading these books, as well as a book I read previously: The Crossroads of Should and Must, by Elle Luna.

If there are other inspirational books or websites, which you would recommend, please share them in the comments section below, so that we all can benefit from finding like-minded individuals who are out there sparkling the way we want to sparkle.