Seeking Cashback,Discount Codes,Offers or Deals Online in United Kingdom?

cashback,discount codes,vouchers,deals,offers
cashback,discount codes,vouchers,deals,offers


As specialist of online market platforms with my own 20 years experience working on Ebay platform together with Pay Pal when started to raise up and my understandings about the social concept of consumer society I’ve decided to write about one new cashback platform which is quite new and awesome and all knows as CrowdSave.

When I decided to write about this new cashback platform I started my research and I needed first to start with talks with someone of the owners of CrowdSave.

My first impression was WOW people when we are talking about person to person communication.

This momentum people you can’t find at Ebay,TopCashback or Quidco on UK soil.

I’ve got directly communication with one of leaders of CrowdSave and was amazed of the approach and answering How is the whole concept of CrowdSave imagined and How now this idea is implemented.

People this can’t be find on any other similar platform.

For what I’m talking about you will find reading bellow.

I will start with words of one of founders Mike Fitzgerald when I’ve asked him How he can describe CrowdSave.

His answer was

CrowdSave is Place Where Shopping, Saving, and Donating Come Together.

CrowdSave is the latest online shopping site in the UK that lets you save while you shop. It was awarded as UK’s Top Cashback and Vouchers Website for 2016. Crowd Save has over 100,000 happy savers or members and still growing. These happy savers have enjoyed saving thousands of money just by shopping online through the website of CrowdSave.

From talks with the right persons how to present to wider audience CrowdSave I’ve found that CrowdSave Idea which is all ready implemented is based on following principles for which I will write in this blog as follow:

Taking Savings to Another Level

CrowdSave started in early 2015 as an idea that aims to give people savings for everything that they buy online. This simple idea gave birth to an even bigger concept where people can donate to their favorite charities and football clubs as they shop. This means you get a lot of discounts on the things that you buy on a regular basis and at the same time are able to give back to your favorite club or charity.

CrowdSave follows the shopping format that other cashback websites use. What you do is you sign up for the free membership by keying in some important information about yourself like your name, email, age, sex, postal code. Then, you follow the prompts until you reach the end of the registration process. Once you are done, you can start shopping and start saving.

With CrowdSave, there’s no limit to what you can buy and how much you can save. Every purchase and subscription lets you save money through the cashback facility. Almost everything that you shop for at the CrowdSave website are discounted or have a lower price than those being sold at retail shops and department stores.

You also have a lot of items to choose from. You can buy things like food, clothing, appliances, books, toys and accessories all from the comforts of your home by just logging on to You can even save on phone subscriptions and other utilities when you pay through the CrowdSave website. CrowdSave will help you buy that coveted gift for your loved ones or that great dress you’ve been eyeing for yourself.

The Crowd Save Formula

How CrowdSave works is simple. The team behind CrowdSave has partnered with retail merchants to bring you discounted prices of goods and utilities. These merchants would either offer vouchers or discounts for the things that you buy. At the checkout, a portion of the sales from the goods that you buy goes your cashback record which you can use to keep for yourself, donate to charity or give to your club of choice. A small amount will also go as to CrowdSave as commission for the sale.

The difference of CrowdSave from other cashback sites is that it is also committed to helping your charity or the football club that you favor. This concept appeals to people who want to give something back while they are shopping for regular everyday items. Imagine shopping for a toy for your son’s birthday. The money that you use to pay for that toy can also pay for another child’s toy through the charity that you place your cashback earnings in. Your purchase at Crowd Save saves you money and your donation saves lives.

Another way to give using CrowdSave is to give back to your favorite football club. Clubs also need cash in order to pay its expenses and you as their fan can help by giving your cashback to the club that you support. There’s nothing quite like knowing that you are not just a fan of the club but a contributor as well. It’s a great feeling to know that your shopaholic tendencies are doing great things for your club and for charity. The various options provided by CrowdSave as to where you can use your cashback earnings is the thing that makes it appealing to its hundreds of users.

At CrowdSave, you can be sure that your favorite charity or club will get your donation without any fuss. Your charity donations and club contributions will be remitted to them on a quarterly basis. Payments for cashback, should you opt not to give it to charity, will depend on payments received from merchant partners.

Saving for Personal Funds

For cashback that is not given to charity or to your favorite club, you can collect them from your bank once it has been deposited there. You can also use the cashback for future purchases that you make at the CrowdSave website. Some merchants only allow cashbacks to be converted to vouchers for their stores. Make sure to read the rules of the cashback before paying for your purchase.

Every purchase on CrowdSave is tracked by the website so you will be able to see immediately how much money you have raised from all your purchases. Every transaction is recorded so you won’t have to keep guessing how much money you have raised so far. If you don’t know the amount on your cashback, you can simply contact the customer service team and they will be happy to assist you.

CrowdSave Today and Tomorrow

CrowdSave has truly revolutionized the cashback industry with its unique combination of charity, club, and personal cashback. The more you buy, the more discounts and more contributions you can give to charity or to your favorite club. You’ll also benefit from all the savings you get from buying through CrowdSave. Use the money you save to go on a trip that you and your husband have been dreaming of. You can also use that savings to buy a top of the line gadget that your kid has been asking from you for ages. When you start to shop using CrowdSave you won’t ever want to shop retail again. You’ll be asking yourself how you ever survived without CrowdSave before once you see how much you save with every purchase.

CrowdSave is continuously growing and creating bigger partnerships with even more retail shops and utilities. Soon you’ll be able to find your favorite brand in the webpages of the CrowdSave website. The company is also continuously refining its procedures and policies in order to give you a better shopping experience. With the social responsibility angle it offers, CrowdSave is definitely bigger than any cashback program around. For as long as there are causes that need to be funded and there are shoppers who are willing to share their savings, the future looks bright for CrowdSave from my own perspective and I think it deserve some attention.

Indeed CrowdSave is described with those words as Top Cashback,Discount Code,Vouchers,Offers,Deals in United Kingdom.

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