Cancer Patient Sticks It To Disease, Says She's 'Gangster For Life' In Farewell Message

"I'm no victim. I'm a powerful person."

This cancer patient's final message is a beautiful testament to her positivity and strength. 

Seema Jaya Sharma, a singer and model from Ilford, England, died in August at age 38, six years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly before she died, Sharma, a mother of two, recorded a farewell video, in which she's in high spirits urging loved ones to "celebrate the life" she lived. She also gave cancer a piece of her mind. 

"I bring it. You're gonna take over my body?" she says during the video, addressing cancer. "It's just my body -- my mind, my heart, my soul has beat you and it always will. I'm no victim. I'm a powerful person. Gangster for life!" 

The video, which was played during her funeral, was uploaded to YouTube this past weekend. 

In May, after finding tumors on her brain, lungs and liver, doctors told Sharma that she had just a few weeks to live, the Ilford Recorder reported. Sharma, who was once the national face of Cancer Research in the U.K., according to the Mirror, maintained a positive attitude throughout her journey, even making music and writing poetry in her final weeks. In addition to urging others to celebrate her life, she mentioned in her message that her spirit would live on through her beloved children and mother. The video also includes a short dance party in the middle. 

The message wasn't out-of-character for Sharma: Her final Facebook status, posted on Aug. 21, was infused with similar irreverent humor. 

"This is me saying, 'Peace out people,'" she wrote. "If a bird poos on your head, that's just me saying, 'Yo man.'" 

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