Seikou Yamaoka Creates Incredible Paintings Using iPod Touch During Train Commute (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Using only his finger tips, Japanese artist Seikou Yamaoka creates complex and beautiful paintings with his iPod touch during a train commute over several hours. By building up strokes of color on his 3.5-inch screen, he produces an array of compelling portraits.

With his goal to create water color-like art that doesn't closely resemble digital art, he uses ArtStudio, a simple Apple iPod touch art application. But Yamaoka doesn't shy away from the canvas. His facebook page and YouTube channel reveals that he paints actual water color portraits, too.

See the artist's breathtaking iPod creations below.

Seikou Yamaoka

Watch Seikou Yamaoka in action in this incredible time-lapse video here.