Someone Invented 'Seinfeld' Emoji, And They're Bringing Us Serenity Now

These 'Seinfeld' Emoji Bring Us Serenity Now!

Get ready for a lot more texts about nothing.

The group behind the Seinfeld2000 Twitter and Instagram accounts, which explore what it would be like if "Seinfeld" had never ended, has developed a new set of emoji inspired by the show, according to Uproxx. The 42 emoji created by artist Kevin McCauley include memorable characters, images from classic episodes and, yada yada yada, they're probably the best thing ever.

emoji jary


emoji gerge

emoji kramer

emoji pretzel

emoji shirt

emoji mint

The emojis are supposedly "coming soon," which we can only hope means "five ... 10 minutes" because they are gold, Jerry. Gold!

To see more, check out the official Seinfeld Emoji app page.

[h/t Uproxx]

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