Seinfeld Style: Let's Relive The Final Moments Of The Last Episode (VIDEO)

There are few sitcoms as classic and universally loved as "Seinfeld." The nine-season show focused on life's little annoyances, and it used observational humor and story lines about nothing to capture the audience. Although it first aired decades ago, reruns still run rampant, and the show is still very much a part of the Zeitgeist -- many current TV programs use "Seinfeld" as a guide.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series finale (on May 14), we are taking a look back at a clip from the final episode. As many will remember, the ending was a little bizarre: Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George are sentenced to one year in jail for criminal indifference. But the final minutes were also filled with some great '90s fashion moments -- boxy suits were de rigueur, as were big glasses and feathered bangs. They may seem dated now, but at least these items were a big upgrade from the orange jumpsuits the foursome is forced to wear in the final scene. "Seinfeld," we'll never forget you.


If "Seinfeld" was around today...

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