'Seinfeld'-Inspired Outfits You Can Recreate Yourself

Everything you need to pull off the baggy, oversized '90s styles of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.
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As we wade into year two of this pandemic, finding alcohol-free and COVID-informed methods of self-soothing is no small feat. I can’t go out on the town. I can’t see all my friends at a party. And lord knows I can’t keep taking up new hobbies only to quit a week in.

I can, however, watch reruns of “Seinfeld” for weeks on end. I can even try to recreate all the characters’ outfits and show you how to do it yourself. And boy, did I.

It aired from 1989 to 1998, so the fashion on “Seinfeld” hits the sweet spot of shoulder pads meets generic, solid cotton crew neck sweatshirt. Though each character has a bit of a fashion arch (and upgrade) through the run of the show, there are a ton of trends you see in every season: loose, baggy clothes, lots of collared shirts and practical shoes for walking around Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan.

In 2022, these styles would be considered “norm-core” or “dad-core,” but I’m told from my actual dad that at the time, it was just what people wore. While I believe him, it’s hard for me to picture wearing a blazer to a diner, especially if I couldn’t put a picture of it on Instagram after.

Of course, Instagram’s influence on modern fashion brings up another 2022 Seinfeld observation: The four friends are certified outfit-repeaters. Watch a dozen episodes in a row, and you’ll notice the same jackets, hats, shirts and shoes again and again on screen. But rather than feeling tired or drab, these well-worn pieces continue to make fresh, good-looking outfits. With different accessories and styling, the characters of “Seinfeld” developed their own distinctive style that feels very “them,” but also true to life. You see them coming from the gym, going to a party and midway through a bad road trip, looking realistic at every turn.

The pieces in most of my looks are from Goodwill and thrift shops, but rest assured, you can buy all of these looks online. To achieve the baggy look, you may want to size up when getting blazers or button-ups (especially if you, like me, have a large chest). The characters on “Seinfeld” really love to layer, which is another reason to size up.

Without further ado, I give you my recreation of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer’s styles, and where to get them for yourself.

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Jerry Seinfeld
NBC via Getty Images
The man, the myth, debatably the worst actor on the show but nonetheless the main character: Jerry Seinfeld. Considering Jerry runs on cereal and Superman, it's almost surprising that he dresses like a stereotypical "put-together adult." No band tees or sweatpants here. Instead, Jerry wears lots of plain color buttons-ups (often with two pockets) and straight-leg jeans in mid-wash and black. In earlier seasons, he rocked power-layering with a shirt and tie, a vest, sweater or crew neck and a blazer. He also frequently rocks a zip-up windbreaker with no hood and chunky sneakers. He's big on the blazer with jeans thing, and he's not afraid of a little color.
How I did it:
Griffin Wynne
All L.L. Bean everything, baby. Dad jeans, baggy button-ups that can comfortably fasten all the way up, big sneakers and a blazer that can fit over a sweatshirt and a shirt. Note: On the show, Jerry wears a lot of blue jeans and jean shirts, but isn't huge on the blue denim-on-denim "Canadian tuxedo" look. I alternated the blue jean shirt with black pants.
Get the look: blue and black dad jeans from L.L. Bean
These come in three shades of blue and black in men's waist sizes 30-44 inches and inseams 28-36 inches.
Bright-colored button-up
This comes in six colors, from men's small to 3XL.
Denim button-up shirt
This comes from men's small to 3XL, with tall options medium to 3XL.
Chunky vintage-style sneakers
These come in five colors and sizing that'll fit both men and women.
A zip-up windbreaker with no hood
This comes in black and navy, from men's XS to 3XL.
A loose-cut, wool-blend, solid blazer
This comes in men's XS to XXL.
A wool-blend layering vest
This comes in men's SX to XXL.
George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander
NBC via Getty Images
The undercover heartthrob of the show (I said it), George Costanza is a stressed-out short king who can't catch a break. For all his neuroses, he's often dressed pretty easy and casual, with a plaid cotton shirt (read: not flannel) with the top button open and lower-rise jeans. Obviously, he loves a good, warm coat, even if it makes him look like he's wearing couch cushions. George's accessories game is really on point, and he's often in slim-fit sneakers, cool hats and, of course, his beloved round glasses.
How I did it:
Griffin Wynne
Putting these looks together was a comedy of caught zippers and tripping over laptop cords, which felt very George. I went for darker wash, lower-rise jeans with some stretch and a breezy plaid button-up. I actually just got new round glasses (below) which worked perfectly. This hat I got for free somewhere, which also felt very George, but I linked a similar option. The barn coat and puffer are for different weather options.
Get the look: Low rise jeans with stretch
These come in four colors, from men's waist sizes 29-42 inches with inseams 29-36 inches.
A (not flannel) plaid shirt
This comes in 11 different plaid prints, in men's SX to 3XL.
Round glasses
These come in two shades of tortoise and can be made with sun, blue light, reader or prescription lenses.
A good-looking brown hat
This comes in 20 colors.
A barn coat
This comes in two colors in men's S to XXL, with tall options.
A very warm waterproof puffer
This comes in five colors in women's S to XXL.
Low-rise slim sneakers
These come in four colors in sizes that fit both men and women.
Elaine Benes, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus
NBC via Getty Images
My pro-birth control, literary curly-haired queen, Elaine Benes. A lover of flea markets, Elaine incorporates a lot of cool, vintage thrifty finds with more modern styles. A working girl, she's often in super cute power suits or blazers. She loves her black and white shoes that she let herself spend some money on, and of course, her suede fringe jacket makes a big appearance in earlier seasons.
How I did It:
Griffin Wynne
Right off the bat, let me say I don't wear or own dresses anymore, so I skipped the long floral situations and wore dangly earrings and sparkly brooches with every look. I also have a beloved vintage cowboy jacket from a flea market, but I linked places you can get them online. When in doubt, Elaine goes all black, with pinned-back hair and black-and-white shoes.
Black straight leg high-waisted jeans
These come in women's sizes 00 to 30, and also come in petite and tall sizes.
A silky, lace undershirt that's meant to be seen
This comes in women's XS to 3XL, with petite options.
A black blazer
This comes in women's XXS to 1X.
A vintage-inspired suede fringe jacket
This comes in women's XXS to 5XL.
Black and white loafers
These come in seven colors in women's sizes 5 to 11.
A vintage brooch or lapel pin
This brooch is vintage, so there's only one, but Etsy has thousands of awesome vintage brooches and pins.
Cosmo Kramer, played by Michael Richards
NBC via Getty Images
Last but not least, we have the ever-energetic Cosmo Kramer. Kramer pretty exclusively wears wild patterned shirts, often bowling shirts. He's known to rock a fur coat and gold chain, and wears loafers on the regular. The power-clasher of the bunch, Kramer loves prints. His clothes are usually baggy, but appear to be a little short for him, i.e. exposed ankles and more cropped shirts.
How I did it:
Griffin Wynne
Kramer is always a little disheveled and rushing into whatever space he's going. I went for a wide-leg but cropped trousers and loafers with no socks. From there, either a loud print button-up or a boxy bowling shirt with a tank top peaking out. For cold weather, I threw on a big fur coat and, for a classy touch, a patterned blazer and gold chain.
Wide leg cropped trousers
These come in men's waist sizes of 28-38 inches.
A patterned bowling shirt
This comes in unisex sizing from XXS to 3XL.
White ribbed tanks
These come in packs of 3 and 12, in men's small to XXL.
A boxy, cropped patterned blazer
This comes in men's XS to XXL.
A long shearling button-up coat
This comes in men's small to XL.
Brown leather loafers with tassels
These come in three colors, in men's sizes 7 to 13.
A gold chain
This comes in white and yellow gold-plated, from 14 to 36 inches.

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