'Seinfeld' Reruns Are Officially Coming To Hulu [UPDATE]

UPDATE: It's official! "Seinfeld" is coming to Hulu, as announced at the Hulu NewFronts presentation on Wednesday. All 180 episodes will be available to stream exclusively on Hulu in June.

EARLIER: After Netflix reportedly passed on "Seinfeld," a bidding war for streaming rights to the beloved sitcom was started among Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo. Hulu reportedly came out on top, acquiring the rights to all 180 episodes of "Seinfeld," according to the Wall Street Journal.

Although Hulu has yet to make an official announcement, a source told WSJ that the streaming service paid close to $700,000 per episode, about $126 million in total. Hulu and Sony TV were not immediately available for comment, but Hulu is expected to make an announcement Wednesday or Thursday, according to The Verge and The Hollywood Reporter. Series co-creator Jerry Seinfeld, who turned 61 on April 29, could hardly ask for a better present.

For more, head to the Wall Street Journal.



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