Selena Gomez Was An Adorably Sassy 5-Year-Old, Mom's Home Video Shows

The pigtailed girl seemed destined to perform in complaint about school work.

Some kids just have it.

A video of Selena Gomez’s animated phone chat as a 5-year-old with her mother about schoolwork shows a kid who seems born to entertain.

The actress and “Good For You” singer’s mother, Mandy Teefey, shared the clip of her “sassy, independent boss lady” this week.

“Teacher said I gotta do all this stuff again! I gotta do it by myself,” the pigtailed cutie gripes in the 1997 footage. “... I’m gonna be crazy, you gotta help me over here!”

Her apparent diss of the “happy face” is spot-on relatable.

Gomez, 25, has been publicly silent about the recent engagement of on-off love Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin ― but wouldn’t it be great to hear what 5-year-old unfiltered Selena would say about this?