Did Selena Gomez Diss Justin Bieber With 'Everybody Knows' Dance Video?

Former Disney star Selena Gomez is ready to release what has been called her most "confessional" album yet and the pop singer might be getting a head start with a recent dance video possibly aimed at Justin Bieber.

In a new YouTube video, the 20-year-old actress and her friends dance to a choreographed routine of Dustin Tavella's "Everybody Knows." The song features the jilted lyric, "Your boyfriend is a douchebag/ And everybody knows."

Could Gomez be taking a shot at Bieber, whom she split from in January? "[T]he timing of this one seems suspect, considering Bieber's recent wave of d-baggery," TMZ notes.

Of course, it's easy to read too much into Gomez's every move -- even though she does look strikingly similar to the "Boyfriend" singer in a hoodie and baggy sweatpants. This one seems somewhat vague, but the "Spring Breakers" star has been a bit more candid with her intentions in the past.

When performing at a UNICEF event in January, the brunette beauty sang a rendition of Justin Timberlake's 2002 break-up jam, "Cry Me A River." In November, after the first breakup, Bieber sang his own acoustic version of the song.

“Selena has kept an eye on Justin in the news and just laughed and laughed," a source told Hollywood Life. "She doesn’t give a s--t anymore. Justin is crazy and she doesn’t want to be his mom anymore. She feels so free and loves hanging out with her girlfriends. He’s weird and she doesn’t find his behavior hot or anything. She just wants a man who has his s--t together, and not a weird boy.”

Expect to hear more on Gomez's side of the story when she drops her new single next month.



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