Selena Gomez Helped Pay The Rent With First 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Paycheck (VIDEO)

How Did Selena Spend Her First Paycheck?

Just because she's dating the world's most sought-after teen heartthrob, is finishing a five year run on a hit Disney Channel show and has a successful music career, don't think for a second that Selena Gomez is a diva.

With "Wizards of Waverly Place" -- the show that made Gomez a household name -- set to air its final episode on Jan. 6th, the 19-year-old singer and actress opened up to "Access Hollywood" along with her cast mates David Henrie and Jake T. Austin, about how life has changed since starting the hit show.

We learned that money hasn't changed Selena and she clearly leaves the flashy spending to boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Despite commanding $100,000 per concert according to her 2010 tour rider, the star says she has yet to make any really big purchases. When asked what was the first thing she splurged on was, she told "Access Hollywood":

"Shoes .... I didn't really buy anything. I got my Ford Escape," she offered, but seemed unsure if that qualified as a big splurge. Selena was referring to the 2009 black Hybrid she received for her 16th birthday.

For one of the world's most famous teenagers, a $34,000 car seems pretty sensible, especially comparing it to say the $90,000 Range Rover reality star Kendall Jenner just received for her 16th birthday.

Even more surprising, Gomez admitted that her first paycheck from 'Wizards' went to helping out her family.

"I think [my first paycheck] went into living [in Los Angeles] because we had to move from Texas, so I think we just had to pay for it," she said.

Her castmate 17-year-old Jake T. Austin, who plays her younger brother, also said his first paycheck from Disney went to helping out with the rent and to "[helping] my family out a bit, it just goes into living and typical everyday expenses."

It's not surprising that Gomez hasn't gone crazy with her Disney cash -- she's actually known for being pretty low key and has been spotted on the red carpet wearing a $23 dress from teen clothier Forever 21 and has even been spotted stocking up on trendy items at the budget-friendly store.

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