Selena Gomez Debuts Emotional New Song For ‘13 Reasons Why’

This new Netflix series is bound to give you goose bumps.

/www.huffingtonpost.com/news/selena-gomez/"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Selena Gomez is a co-producer on the new Netflix original drama series “13 Reasons Why.” While she will not be acting in the show, she will be a part of the show’s soundtrack.

On Wednesday, Gomez tweeted a teaser video which features a cover of the ‘80s hit “Only You.” 

Gomez says the song choice is inspired by the relationship between two characters on the show, Hannah and Clay. 

“13 Reasons Why” revolves around 13 tapes left behind a student who died by suicide, each targeted at a different classmate who contributed to her decision to end her life. While this dark tale sounds like a departure from Gomez’s previous projects, it turns out her personal experiences with bullying are what inspired her to take on this new show.

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Bryce Walker @13reasonswhy @netflix Premieres March 31

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“13 Reasons Why” premieres on Netflix Friday, March 31.

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