Watch Selena Gomez Beat Out Ronda Rousey For 'The Bachelor' In 'SNL' Spoof


After 20 seasons of fake job titles -- "Free Spirit," "Dog Lover" and "Jumbotron Operator" -- and aggressively boring bachelors, it's about time "Saturday Night Live" took another crack at ABC's megahit, "The Bachelor."

During the Ronda Rousey-helmed episode, "SNL" aired a spoof called "Bland Man," starring Taran Killam as the blandest bachelor yet. Yes, that includes Ben. 

"My name is Dan and I'm from Chicago or Denver or something. I have blue eyes, brown hair and grey shirt," Killam says in the sketch, introducing himself to the contestants. 

Almost all the female cast members, including Rousey, do their best impressions of classic reality TV stereotypes (the crazy one, the one with a secret and the one who needs more airtime) as they skewer the forced "Bachelor" banter we've come to know and love. 

Finally, musical guest Selena Gomez makes an appearance, leading Bland Dan to declare her the winner in under 20 seconds. 

"Yeah, I'll go with her. We can stop. We're gonna go with Selena Gomez."

Watch the full sketch above. 

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