Selena Gomez Basically Had A Threesome On 'SNL' Last Night

Hands were not kept to themselves.

We've got to admit it: Selena Gomez kind of stole the show during this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" episode.

Ronda Rousey might have hosted the affair, but Gomez popped up throughout to remind us that maybe it's time the pop singer helmed an episode of her own. 

Aside from making appearances in the opening monologue and the "Bachelor" spoof "Bland Man," Gomez delivered two sultry performances off her latest album, "Revival." 

Gomez first sang a medley of the hits "Good for You" and "Same Old Love" while encircled by finger-snapping, turtlenecked hunks. Then, for "Hands to Myself," Gomez transformed the "SNL" stage into a bedroom. Dressed in a nightgown, the 23-year-old basically came as close to having a threesome on live TV as you can get.

(Sidenote: Shoutout to whoever choreographed both numbers because our new goal in life is to become a professional background snapper.)

Watch both performances below. 

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