Selena Gomez Has A New Tattoo That Reminds Her To Love Herself

In between telling off Instagram bullies, posting cryptic messages and taking "brave" bikini selfies, Selena Gomez found time to get a new tattoo.

New York tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy tells E! News he tattooed the 21-year-old singer/actress about a month ago with an Arabic phrase that translates to "Love Yourself First," on the right side of her back.

The new ink seems to be perfectly in line with Gomez's post-rehab attitude. Ever since leaving a six-week program after just 14 days of treatment at The Meadows recovery center in Wickenburg, Arizona, the former Disney star's Instagram account has been dominated with cryptic messages about self-improvement.

This is believed to be the fourth tattoo for Gomez, who also has the biblical verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," on her right hip, a music note on her wrist and the Roman numerals for 76 on the back of her neck (a tribute to the year her mother was born).



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