Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Are Playing Games With Our Hearts

Why did she delete this video of The Weeknd?!

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are confusing the hell out of their fans lately.

First they’re spotted kissing outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles, the next thing we know they’re on vacation in Italy, and now they’re straight-up playing games on social media. Are these two officially dating, or what? We want solid answers, but all we have is some thin photo evidence.

Gomez recently posted a black-and-white video of The Weeknd in a gondola, which she has since deleted, to her Instagram page. Luckily the internet was quick to grab the footage: 

Seeing as gondolas are not the most spacious of places to hang with your platonic man friends, we’re leaning toward something romantic happening here. And let’s not forget they’re in Italy together. That setting sure sounds like amore to us. 

Let’s also not forget that The Weeknd posted an Instagram story showing Selena Gomez (or her clone) when he visited the Uffizi Gallery in Florence over the weekend.

Hmm ...

The fact that Gomez deleted the gondola video from her account adds to the confusion ― and fans aren’t having it. Are these two nothing more than a Hiddleswift fling? Why must they toy with our emotions so?! 



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