Selena Owens' Answer to Cultural Depravity

It's been almost a year since I last wrote a blog. To be honest, far better writers with far more interesting ways of saying what I believe seem to have it covered. At the same time, more than enough bloggers seem to write just for the sake of writing. Regardless, Tea Party activist, Selena Owens, has inspired me to come out of blogger hiding.

Ms. Owens was quite offended by Sunday's Grammy Awards and called it "a forthright assault on conservatives" which furthered "homosexual advancement" in American culture. She proposes that in response, Christians and conservatives should be themselves and not get defensive. In order to lead by example, Ms. Owens explains that she will "deliberately go through the checkout line of the lesbian clerk to drop a few words of Jesus' love in her ear and then compliment her haircut."

While obvious to me, and I pray many others, is the absolute ridiculousness and near sacrilege of Ms. Owens' efforts to "drop a few words of Jesus' love," I just couldn't let it go by without adding my two cents. Still more incredible is the apparent clairvoyance which allows Ms. Owens the ability to detect a lesbian a whole checkout line away! What an opportunity. I'm guessing she had long curly locks. At least she's not afraid of it rubbing off!

Taking a cue from Ms. Owens' playbook, I propose we gay liberals be ourselves and not get defensive! I might even be inspired to march in a parade celebrating the freedom to be myself without oppression. It's too bad parades have already been "hijacked" by the progressives. I know, next Sunday morning, I'll go into the closest fundamentalist church hand in hand with my partner. We'll cuddle in the front pew and gaze into each other's eyes during the special music, as I've seen so many straight couples do. "No defense, no arguments, no worries. I remain offensive. I'm me." Sound advice!

Sarcasm aside, those who know me and about my fundamentalist upbringing know I would never actually do such a thing. It would be too disrespectful. It would be too scary! I'm too afraid of conflict, and It would achieve nothing. Unlike Ms. Owens' ignorant and bigoted proposal to action, however, it wouldn't be wrong. Being gay is being me. I don't have an agenda. I don't have a political motive. I was created gay by the same God who made her. It was only by the grace of that God that I was ever able to come to that realization.

Ms. Owens suggests that "conservative values are still a major element in society, and Christianity is the only answer for cultural depravity." Sorry, Ms. Owens. Your brand of Christianity only advances cultural depravity, hatred, ignorance, and self-loathing. Love that exceeds your understanding and mine is the only answer for cultural depravity.

In an effort to show respect, Ms. Owens, I won't go into your church and make a spectacle of my love. Please know, however, that the invitation for you to join mine is always open.