Born to Create

When nightmarish atrocities within our world are splashed across our headlines, who among us does not experience a deep and profound ache in their heart, accompanied by a hefty dose of abject helplessness? We quietly reflect, wondering what we, as individuals, could possibly do to help, when our own United Nations appears incapable of stopping the slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria -- an abomination of the highest order. We all know this is not the first time insanities of this nature have played out on our world's stage. Genocide is a deeply disturbing collective behavior that has terrorized humanity throughout recorded history. Yes, we are aghast when beautiful children are murdered, families are torn apart, and people torture other people. We wonder what could actually motivate governments to viciously turn on their own people, for religions to bang the drums of war in the name of Love and God, and we wonder how any man or woman could look another human being in their eyes and not see another beating heart who wants to live a safe and peaceful life, just like themselves.

What could possibly be at the root of this abhorrent perversion of behavior? What could possibly motivate any individual, sect, religious or political group or government to exact torturous murder upon those that simply disagree with their ideas? Isn't that the beauty of individuality; that we each have the ability to think and express our own unique thoughts? And shouldn't all people be free to express themselves without fear of persecution?

What, may we ask, is the purpose of life when it seems so many are suffering? We think on these things from the safety and comfort of the lives we are blessed to be living, yet not, perhaps, really grasping the nature of this remarkable gift of life we have been born into. Are we living lives we really want to live, or inadvertently, are we squandering our freedom to be creative, happy beings? Life is the physical, creative expression of that which we are in essence. We are each a part of that Quantum Wave of non-physical essence, born into the individuated form of human being. And as that human being, we bear the capacity to express that creative essence that we are, in our own freshly unique way.

However, when we are not creatively expressing ourselves by doing something we are inspired to do, and simply go through the paces of our routine lives, we will begin to experience an undercurrent of insidious dissatisfaction, as our internal light begins to dim. And when this dissatisfaction continues to fester, eventually it will predictably morph into an ugly brew of frustration, jealousy, anger and potential violence. It is a truth, that when we are not creatively fulfilled, we are not at peace within ourselves, and when we are not dynamically peaceful within our own beings, this is the fractured energy we carry out into our collective world. If this natural, deep yearning to positively create within mankind is left unfulfilled, this dissatisfaction will direct our collective human behavior down a dark and slippery path, much as we are now witnessing within our straining world.

So what can we, as individuals, do to help create a world where love and peace prevail? What power do we have to effect a change where nations will no longer torture and murder their own beloved people?

Know this: We are born to create. While this is a gift, it is also a great responsibility. We must understand that how we feel inside of our individuated selves, directly impacts the rest of the world. We are circles within circles, creating one large sphere of humanity. Much like the Butterfly Effect, the joy and rightness of self-expression can envelop the world in love, or the violence and brutality of force can lead the way. The pathway is ours to choose.

One of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, is the gift of choice. Regardless of circumstance, we have the capacity to choose how we feel. Brilliantly expressed in response to his horrendous incarceration in a concentration camp during The Holocaust, Victor Frankl said, "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms -- to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

I truly do believe that the only way to create an enduring peace within our world is for every human being to create dynamic peace within themselves by actively choosing to express their creative genius in their own inspired way. We must choose to work together to accomplish this desired goal, by lovingly supporting one another's beautiful and creative brilliance. We must choose to look into the hearts of other people and see them as exactly that -- people who have heart beats, who breathe, who want to love and be loved, just like us.

So how can we, as individuals, make a difference in creating a more loving and peaceful world? The highest and best thing that we can do is to take that raw energy of who we are and choose to bring it into form, thus creating a life we truly love.

We were born to create. May we embrace our creative gifts and thoughtfully choose our pathway to share them with our world.

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