Self Freezing Coke Video By Grant Thompson Has Completely Blown Our Minds

'Grab a bottle of room temperature soda, and start shaking it violently.'

"Grab a bottle of room temperature soda, and start shaking it violently." That's the first bit of instruction on Grant Thompson's incredible self freezing Coke (or any other soda) video.

Look guys, we were never big science buffs in school, but that's probably because no one ever presented the content to us in this way: "Learn this stuff, and you can make yourself an instant slushy." This process works by "super-cooling" your soda to the point where it is colder than freezing, but not yet frozen. Then, with just the tiniest bit of coercion, you can get your soda to freeze into slushy texture instantly. Check it out in the amazing video below, by The King of Random, himself.

Has anyone tried this yet? We can't wait to hear how it works out!

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