Self-Responsibility Is Dead!

It used to be that hard work was the American way. If you wanted to lose weight, you knew it took a good diet, exercise and a lot of hard work and dedication. If you wanted to make money and achieve the American dream, you worked hard, learned everything you could about your industry and created the life you wanted.

Those days are over. Quitting and complacency are the norm. In fact, if our ancestors were alive today -- the very men and women who came to this country to fight for the chance at a better life -- they would be embarrassed, shocked and devastated at what we've turned into.

The obesity epidemic continues to spiral out of control. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. And it's not just around issues of money and health, but in so many ways the great spirit of going after our dreams and being the best we can be is practically dead, gone and all but forgotten. If it's not handed to us on a silver platter it doesn't happen. Hard work, discipline and mental toughness are characteristics seen in such a small percentage of the population.

Why is it that some people set out after a goal and make it happen but even more set out after the same goal and never get there, failing over and over again? There are many reasons, but perhaps the most prevalent is a lack of self-responsibility. Simply put: For most people it's easier to place blame, make excuses and come up with reasons why they can't instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and making it happen.

One of the critical factors separating amateurs from the pros is responsibility. Some people see themselves as victims of the powerful. They create invisible mental barriers that, in their minds, hold them back from moving up. They blame other people for keeping them down, such as their parents, friends and others of influence during childhood.

For others, safety and security are their number one priorities. They hold on so tightly to what they have that they fail to see the real abundance staring them straight in the face. People in this category are terrified of losing what they have because their mind is submerged in the cesspool of scarcity.

Then there are some who tend to be unafraid, aggressive, ultra-competitive warriors who approach life like a battle. They know there is abundance and they are out to get it. The problem is they operate primarily from their egos.

Then there are the world class. These are the people who operate from their spirit-self rather than their ego-self. They have a thought process, philosophy and habit all rolled into one that overshadows the rest: I am responsible. They realize they are responsible for their success or failure, as well as responsible for giving back some of the blessings bestowed upon them as a result of their tremendous success. Operating from a world-class level of awareness almost always precedes their success. The great ones keep marching forward, making a difference in themselves and the world.

Take responsibility
Start today by committing to take responsibility for everything that happens to you. This one change in thinking has the power to launch you into the stratosphere in everything you do.

Stop passively sitting around waiting for life to improve. The hero you're waiting for might be God, the government, your boss or your spouse. No one is coming to the rescue! Create a plan of daily action that will move you closer to what you want to accomplish.

When your final hour comes, don't be left sitting on your deathbed thinking you should have taken more risks. The greatest risk you can take is playing it safe while expecting to get what you want. It's time we become a nation of great fighters again. It's time to stop giving up so quickly, start setting goals, fighting the fight and winning the game be it money, health or anything else. It starts with a self-reliant mindset that refuses to wait for outside forces or circumstances to make things happen.

It's up to each of us: be a quitter or become America the great, full of winners who stake their claim and get what they want.