Self Worth for Gay Men (Video Included!)

In today's episode of Your Success Launch, we talk about self worth for gay men.

Having doubts and insecurities are normal and they're part of the human experience regardless of sexual orientation. We could sit here all day and name every gay stereotype like bears, twinks, otters, cubs, and expectations to be big, strong, hairy, and muscular in order to be a legitimate gay man, but you're never gonna feel good in your own skin if you feel like you need to be any of these labels or meet any expectations that aren't within your reach.

On the flip side, there's a whole, wide variety of gay men from all different backgrounds, religions, and experiences. There's also so many gay men of all ages who have different body types, education levels, goals, ambitions, wants, and desires.

The moment you release your expectations for what a gay man should be, is the moment you're gonna feel so much better about yourself, and you'll also have the ability to increase your self worth.

If you believe false stories and messages that were conveyed to you years ago, like gay men aren't good enough or gay men shouldn't have self worth unless they look like a Greek God with a strong, tall, muscular, hairy stature, I have a few recommendations for you.

My specific recommendations to you are to become aware of these beliefs that you have and identify where they came from. Did they come from your parents, bullies in high school or from the pornography that you watch?

Once you become aware of where these beliefs come from, I recommend you ask yourself why you still believe these thoughts.

When I came out of the closet more than 8 years ago, I felt the same way so I understand how you feel. The moment I released false beliefs and expectations that I had to be the perfect gay man is the moment I began to feel so much lighter, peaceful, and hopeful. I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin, and I'm so confident that you can do the same!

As a recap, I want you to become aware of where your beliefs and expectations come from and then I want you to ask yourself why you still have these thoughts.

What's the biggest barrier you're facing when it comes to your self worth as a gay man? Join the conversation and share your comments below.