Yes, This Sea Lion Is Using A Selfie Stick

Milo captured a dive with a GoPro camera.

A sea lion uses a selfie stick of sorts to film his underwater surroundings in beautiful video that's going viral.

Milo carries in his mouth a pole affixed with a GoPro camera as he dives into the water at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.

Viewers see him swimming down, through the water and back up to the surface twice in the 14-second clip posted to YouTube on Thursday.

Aquarium volunteer Hugh Ryono said he made the stick, which is basically a GoPro camera mounted to the end of an old target pole used for training animals, "just for fun."

In a blog post, he said he thought it'd "be neat to see a swimming sea lion from the same selfie stick perspective that surfers and other action sports athletes use to give a 'you are there' feel to their shots."

"The float actually neutralized the weight of the camera and mount which made it easy for a sea lion to hold while swimming underwater," he added.

But will Milo have copyright of the clip? After all, he did film it.

It's unlikely. A federal judge said in January that the rights to a toothy selfie taken inadvertently by a grinning macaque monkey could not belong to it.

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