Space Junk Soars Across Sky In Video Filmed Using Selfie Stick

Debris from a Russian rocket caused the spectacular sight, says scientist.

Is it a plane? Is it a meteor? No, it's more likely to be debris from a Russian rocket.

The space junk soars across the sky in a spectacular video filmed by a selfie stick user in Thailand.

Video posted to YouTube by Charnchai Jardpimai shows him casually talking to the camera in a field in Phitsanulok province on Saturday. 

But at the 54-second point, he suddenly spots something flying in the air and excitedly turns the lens toward it. The bright light shoots overhead for more than a minute before vanishing below the horizon.

Jardpimai initially thought the object was a meteor, reports the Daily Telegraph. However, according to the Bangkok Post, the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand later stated it was more likely debris from a Russian rocket that had ejected after the launch of a weather satellite from Kazakhstan on Dec. 11. 

The institute's deputy director, Saran Poshayachinda, said the debris posed no danger to the Earth and is believed to have crash-landed in the Pacific Ocean. 

Burning Soviet-era space junk similarly lit up the skies over Hawaii in August.

Scientists are worried about the amount of trash floating around the Earth, and various solutions to clear it up are being proposed -- ranging from Pac-Man-style satellites to electrodynamic tethers

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