Tourists Are Taking Selfies In Front Of New York Explosion Site

Tourists Are Taking Selfies In Front Of New York Explosion Site

The blast killed two people and injured 22, but that hasn't stopped tourists from posing for cheerful selfies in front of the site of the East Village explosion in New York City.

"Self-absorbed jerks are treating the East Village gas explosion site like a tourist attraction," reports the New York Post.

The paper cites several examples, including Christina Freundlich, a former communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party, who posted an Instagram photo of her smiling, making a peace sign in front of the wreckage on Saturday.


After her post received heavy criticism, Freundlich deleted the picture and issued an apology to the Des Moines Register.

"It was inconsiderate to those hurt in the crash and to the city of New York," Freundlich said. "What happened last week in the East Village is not to be taken lightly and I regret my course of action."

Freundlich did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

The selfie-taking has not stopped. A HuffPost staffer spotted a group of people holding a selfie stick and smiling for the camera on Monday afternoon.

Authorities found two bodies amongst the wreckage on Sunday.

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