Wisconsin's Zach Bohannon Is The Selfie King Of The Final Four (PHOTOS)

Wisconsin forward Zach Bohannon scored big at the Final Four before any of the games were even played. A fifth-year graduate student who didn't step on the court during Wisconsin's win in the Elite Eight, Bohannon emerged as a social media star at the Final Four after taking a selfie with the coach of each team still playing for the national championship.

"Ironically the one I felt the most nervous to get was our own coach, Coach Ryan," Bohannon told Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports. "I told him, 'Hey coach, I've got selfies with all three of these coaches. Can I get one with you as well?' He was like, 'I don't know,' but he agreed after a while."

In his brief Twitter profile, Bohannon describes himself as a "Future Financier, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & POTUS." Given his political aspirations, Bohanan may have snapped a selfie he remembers even more than his complete coach sweep.

After that seemingly unbeatable quintet of Final Four selfies, Bohannan shared another amazing photo. Understandably pleased with the others, he described the final one as "turrible" with good reason.